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Kitchen Remodeling5 Do’s and Don’ts About Quartz Countertop Maintenance

September 10, 2022by RE Team

When it comes to choosing the right countertop for your kitchen, you want nothing but the best. You want your kitchen not only to look aesthetically good but also functional. The countertops are an inseparable part of cooking. You want your countertop to stand up to repeated use and to be durable.

Quartz countertops are a buzzword nowadays and are becoming a popular choice of remodeling construction companies over Granite or marble. Remodel Republic is the World’s leading remodeling company that has expertise in installing quartz countertops in the shortest time.

Let us first learn what you should do to maintain perfectly looking quartz countertops for years to come-

  • Develop a habit of regular cleaning- To retain the beauty and shine of your quartz countertops, regular cleaning is important. Use a wet mop or a paper cloth with a disinfectant spray to deep clean your countertop. This practice will not only help you in retaining its shine with minimum effort but also maintain the hygiene of your kitchen.
  • Use a delicate scrubber to get rid of the tougher stains or food debris left on your kitchen countertop. This will work on the harsh food stains that are resistant to the hot water mopping. Being gentle on the countertop surface can save it from scratches and maintain streak-free shine. For sticky food, you can also consider using a sponge or a nylon pad.
  • For greasy splatters, you can try using degreasing cleansers suitable for kitchen use and leave them to settle for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, you can wipe the area with a soft damp cloth.
  • Do not let any scattered food accumulate even if your countertop is strong and resistant to stains. It is always easier to clean the dirt or spilled food on the spot before it turns sticky and hard. This ensures the longevity of your countertop. You can only relax if you have spilled red wine on your Quartz countertop else you have to be prompt.

Now we will move toward the don’ts of quartz countertop maintenance-

  • Do not use your quartz countertop for chopping and cutting. Though Quartz countertops are scratch-resistant and resilient, the use of sharp knives can easily snatch away its beauty and elegance as no one can give you a 100% scratch-free guarantee.
  • Avoid placing hot surfaces directly on your quartz countertops, however sturdy they may be. It may endure the heat for a shorter duration but if you make it a habit, you may damage your countertop. Exposure to excessive temperatures may lead to discoloration and breaking of the countertop.
  • Never use any harsh chemicals or cleaners that are either highly acidic or alkaline. Use cleaners of moderate PH value as regular use of excessively high or excessively low PH products can snatch away the radiance.
  • Be gentle while placing items on your quartz countertops as if you dropping heavy items may lead to breakage and scratches.

Why Should You Choose Us For Quartz Countertops?

We have been the hub of the best Quartz countertops Atlanta providing perfect solutions for improving the visual appeal of your kitchen.

Our Quartz countertops have unmatched durability collaborated with a wide spectrum of color options. We attribute our popularity to the vast collection of exquisite designs and color choices that we offer our customers. Our products are most reasonably priced and we are passionate about maintaining a high quality of the products we deliver.

We have mastered the art of engineering Quartz by binding quartz, granite, and marble with polymer resin. Our Quartz countertops with diverse designs and shades have been the preferred choice. It also require low maintenance and their protective shield builds a water-resistant and anti-microbial layer. Our team of enthusiast use the best quality raw materials and engineer it using modern machines and tools to give your kitchen a fabulous look.

For over two decades, our research team has been consistently working to improve kitchens in Atlanta along with maintaining reasonable product pricing. We deliver brag-worthy countertop installation in the shortest time to bring into reality your dream kitchen.

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