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Bathroom Remodeling5 Quick Tips for Bathroom Renovation Beginners

October 14, 2022by RE Team

If your bathroom is so dull and dab that you do not feel refreshed after a shower, it’s time to make it gorgeous and lively. The bathroom is one of the pivotal points of any household and so it should be an inviting place. If your bathroom is more than 5 years old, it needs revamping and renovation. Renovation gives room to tackle underlying problems that might have developed over time making it look zesty and contemporary. Replacing old bathroom fixtures with modern ones can also upgrade the value of your property.

Remodel Republic has an experience of more than two decades of Bathroom Renovation in Atlanta. We perfectly combine exceptional craftsmanship, skilled renovation experts, and great customer service to serve you the best. We are passionate to customize our designs and products and even go the extra mile to achieve the highest customer contentment.

5 tips for homeowners who are about to begin their renovation journey

●    Prepare a realistic budget– Look for affordable yet classy alternatives to high-end products. Strictly adhering to your budget is vital to avoid any unhappy surprises in your renovation journey. Be clear with the renovators from the start itself about your budgets and deviation in the budget that you can afford. Planning is a significant part of the renovation process. Nothing can be worse than scrapping your list of favorites that run out of your budget at the last moment owing to faulty planning.

●    Ensure that everything is functioning before you take the renovation ride-   It becomes extremely painful if you find any leaky pipe or tap not in working condition just after spending a hefty amount on renovation. So, scan through your bathroom fittings before making the start of the renovation process. Run a functionality test for all valves, fixtures, pipes, and fittings so that you may include the repair or replacement expenses in your budget.

●    Design and Floor plan- Always keep an eye on the flow and the relevance of the design when start structuring the layout. The flow of your ideas should conform to the availability of space. Uprooting all the existing bathroom fixtures can be expensive, take that into account. Discuss with the renovators all the aspects that may seem to be insignificant but can drastically impact your budget. Choose flooring that suits your budget and style. Consider the elements that can add a perfect ambiance to your bathroom- the curtains, cabinets, storage, and accessories.

●    Focus on lighting, it can liven up the space- Proper lighting can rev up the bathroom space completely. It can level up your bathroom experience. Try to maximize the inflow of natural light in your bathroom and maintain proper ventilation to avoid molds and wet floors. Do not lose hope, if your bathroom has no access to natural light. Multiple advanced lighting options are available for you to choose from. Always seek professional help for the installation of lights in your bathroom.

●    Let the bathroom’s size dictate its style- Nothing can match the elegance of a free-standing bathtub with surrounding furniture to rest your glass of wine. But a freestanding bathtub requires unoccupied and free space in your bathroom. So, do not compromise on your luxury but be realistic in your vision. Look for alternatives like a jacuzzi jet or maybe a recessed bath that can give the feeling of luxury.

●    Finding perfect fittings and fixtures-  Look for good bargains and attractive discounts while shopping for perfect fixtures and fittings for your dream bathroom. Do extensive market research to find cost-efficient alternatives to pricy-looking fixtures. When you visit a store, compare the prices and do not shy away from asking for discounts.

Why Choose Us For Creating Your Dream Bathroom?

We provide you with a state-of-the-art quality finish and add efficiency and luxury to your bathroom. Our expert renovators give you an exclusive shopping experience from the comfort of your home. You can make your selection right from your home without spending fuel on traveling to different shops. We bring the shop right next to you. 

We are the industry leaders in Bathroom Remodel Atlanta Georgia and have a team of top experts who have extensive knowledge Our experts can turn your dull bathroom into a perfectly designed retreat. 

RE Team

Let’s Design Together

At Remodel Republic, our professional team of professionals adhere to a holistic design philosophy. We oversee every single aspect of the project and also make sure that our customers remain closely involved and updated with the status.
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