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Our Process - Simple Steps to Enjoy our Services

Remodel Republic has been in the business of home renovation for many years now. We pride in a team of professionals who are adept at carrying out the entire remodeling process with ease. Our personal designer will hold your hand through the process of remodeling and help you select each and every product that can instantly give a swanky new look to your house!

Step 1Research

  • To get the best, start your journey by exactly identifying your specific likes and dislikes. There is definitely no better source in getting ideas than exploring the internet. You can always read on great articles about the design trends and multiple tips on hiring a contractor.
  • Get specific about the type of project you wish to start with – whether you wish to remodel the kitchen or the entire floor. Once you have decided on the ways to use the space, this will help you to get realistic about the budget. There are also multiple tools online that can assist you in getting a general idea of the remodeling costs.
  • That’s not all, in the next step you need to start looking for contractors. There are again multiple researching sites that can help you in your search for the right design contractor.

Step 2Connect

  • Once you call us, our trained customer-care representatives will ask multiple questions to exactly comprehend your specific requirements. As we ensure to provide top-notch services thus, we make an attempt to understand your prerequisites thoroughly. Being in the industry for multiple many years now, we completely understand that we’re not always the right fit for every project. Thus, a thorough discussion is important – some of the topics discussed in the call will include the exact location of your home. We serve only specific areas, thus we have to figure out if we can perfectly manage your project with high level of customer-service and attention.
  • We would also want to know the reason why you want to carry out this project, when exactly you are planning to get the project completed. Are you expecting a new born or whether you are expecting it to get completed before an event. This will help us in having a specific deadline and we can provide you a tentative date on when the project design, permits and build-out may take.
  • At Remodel Republic, setting the right budget is the most important part. Once you provide a realistic budget, we can come up with ideas that can help you to get the most suitable value for the investment. Some of the other questions would include the exact year when the house was built, primary reason for the project, what your expectations are from the contractor thereby, making it easier for us to serve you better.

Step 3Meeting

  • After the call, we plan a day to visit your home and talk through your goals. By discussing, we get an idea about your requirements and direct our team to carry out the services. In this meeting, we also set up a preliminary estimate and measure, inspect, and take pictures of the existing space. While we may not know the exact cost of your entire project but once we start with a practical discussion, this can help us to come up with some numbers and direct the team in the most suitable way.
  • In this phase, we offer a fee-based agreement. This fee is just a small percentage of the preliminary estimate. Once we are assured that you are ready to start with the step, we set up a discovery meeting and come up with ideas on some of the preliminary sketches. If we think that the meeting is appropriate, we inspect, take pictures and accurately document the space.
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  • There may also arise instances when we agree that we are not the perfect fit for your project.
  • For some of the remodeling projects, we can also walk through various estimates and help you in getting an idea on how your selection choices can ultimately affect the final price. Also, we talk about the design ideas that can ultimately affect the price.
Interior designer showing wood swatches to his customer, laptop, tools and house projects on desktop top view

Step 4Design

  • In this step, we come up with rough drafts for the possible design solutions, once you like the designs we help you select the materials and then provide the estimate.  This is indeed an exciting phase because our trained service professionals come up with 3D renderings which help you to get the exact idea and based on your preferences we also hone the final design.
  • Once you have approved the overall design, we start selecting the final details and finishes. These include the selection of plumbing fixtures, paint, tiles, flooring, colors and many more. All these factors help in making the process smoother.
  • Now that the details of the project are worked out, we labor hard to come up with the exact estimate. This may include creating wall sections, adding dimensions to a drawing and having an engineer evaluate the work for the final code compliance.  We then, finally prepare the construction agreement for you.

Step 5Management

Time to meet with your lifeguard! Our Project Manager will take care of every detail of your project

The not so much fun but serious part! Permit applications, paper work and inspections

You can follow the process with your smart phone, every detail on our Mobile App

Approved Construction Permit Application with pen and calculator

Step 6Permit

We prepare and submit to the authorized department for all the permit applications. All the project information is then uploaded to our online portal. Just before we start with the actual work, we arrange a pre-construction meeting where we review all the minor details from parking to accommodating pets.

The moment your permit is complete, our trained pros start your project.

Step 7Enjoy Our Services

  • We stand by our quality and cover 5 years warranty which is much longer than most of our competitors. Our services always conform to the guidelines set by Residential Construction Performance Guidelines. This in turn, means complete peace of mind. Also, if you have any issues, we make sure that all the problems are taken care of promptly.
  • Our payment process is extremely simple as we believe that a well-organized process offers a great experience.

Reach out to us if you feel that all the processes are perfect for your project!

Photo of young business man in a conference room, with a group of coworkers in backside

Step 8Final Visit


Great projects create happy friends!

Thank you for choosing us!

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Let’s Design Together

At Remodel Republic, our professional team of professionals adhere to a holistic design philosophy. We oversee every single aspect of the project and also make sure that our customers remain closely involved and updated with the status.
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