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June 25, 2018by Remodel Republic

Ranging from fixtures to finishes, it may sometimes be highly difficult to maintain a track of the kitchen and bathroom trends. Most homeowners wish to transform a minimalist space with bright, practical and stylish lights and designs. In fact, kitchens are not just spaces to do the cooking rather, it has become a place to share quality time with all the family members and also bring joy to the owner. Similarly, bathrooms have become the personal sanctuary for most homeowners. Let’s take a quick look at some of the latest kitchen and bathroom trends with Europa and Remodel Republic:

1. Brass is back with a bang:It’s true that chrome and satin is still reigning supreme, however; the classic and traditional brass is back! If you are not yet comfortable with the classic brass, rose gold is yet another popular trend.

2. Stone sinks: In the recent years, stone sinks have turned out to be the latest trend. While traditional porcelain has always been a favorite among homeowners, a stone sink is something which is in recent drift.

Whether you’ve been looking for Europa 2018 Kitchen Trends or Europa Bathroom Trendsit’s always better to get in touch with remodeling contractors. Only experienced professionals have in-depth knowledge of the latest designs and this helps them to cater to your requirements.

3. Darker shades:Undoubtedly, the latest trend in kitchen and bath is the color, especially in darker shades. Hues of blue have become an instant favorite for appliances and cabinets. In fact, colors are applied everywhere – faucets, appliances, sinks, and cabinets.

4. Trendy doors: Boring and dull doors are out! If you want your home to stand out with intricate details, doors have fantastic options.

5. Color and texture of the tiles:Till a few years ago boring white tiles were a favorite. However, color, texture, pattern, and unique designs have turned out to be the hottest style.

6. Double-toned cabinets: When it comes to kitchen cabinets, a huge inclination is towards two-toned cabinets and bleached woods. Even if you are redoing your bathroom, make sure that you avoid using all white.

7. Fancy and bright colored stoves:Fancy and bright colored stoves were reserved by remodelers for their high-end clients because most homeowners couldn’t afford these options. However, these are solid trends that are all setting their way and are back as affordable options. In fact, stylish stoves, hoods, cooktops, and ovens are regaining importance as the hottest tickets in town.

8. Black is the latest trend:In the recent years, the color black has been replacing grey. In short, black is bringing the new contrast in kitchens and baths. When combined with warm chestnut, wood, and gold finishes, you can easily get an updated twist.

If you wish to integrate any of the design trends, it’s always better to get in touch with the contractors of Remodel Republic. The professionals here have complete knowledge of the latest design trends and this helps them to complete the services with perfection.

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