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We are specialists in all elements of basement remodeling from layout to build. Our remodeling experts will supervise your project and transform your home’s basement. We create lovely luxurious spaces. We are specialists in basement remodeling in Atlanta and other Georgia cities. We focus on creating spaces where your family loves to spend time. Remodeling is an effective tool to enhance the aesthetic value of your house, and enhance comfort by adding space.

It is important to partner with skilled basement remodel companies like ours to combat the inherent challenges. Firstly, one of the biggest challenges in any remodeling project of an unfinished basement is to decide how to finish the large surfaces: the floorboards, walls, and roof structure. The floor may be concrete, the walls with cement blocks or bare bricks, and the ceiling beams of the floor may below.

With our expertise in basement remodeling, we are adept at finding cost-effective solutions to remove moisture build-up, and making arrangements for ventilation and lights.

Remodel Republic, with extensive experience in the entire basement remodeling process, offers a fully individualized service that includes Basement planning, layout, and construction. To give the highest level of quality and service to each Basement project, we hire the top candidates in the business for the job and have long-term partnerships with excellent suppliers.

Your younger one may be bored of sharing the room with a sibling or you have an extended family that keeps visiting you frequently or maybe you need an extra room for your guests or maybe a bar area is all you need. Whatever may be your reason to transform your spare basement into a functional one, we are the best at the job to add the most value when finishing a basement remodeling. We specialize in upscaling the level of your construction and customizing the redesigning of your home. We also take care of all your basement repair needs to give it a refurbished look.

Basement Construction Contractors

We’ll come to your own home or you may drop into our workplace at 1395 Chattahoochee Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. This preliminary assembly will permit us to apprehend your aspirations, admire your necessities, and lay out the place you desire. Our developer will then evaluate your requirements as well as the project’s feasibility. Within days of this preliminary consultation, we can offer a thorough estimate with an envisioned budget. Our experts will share their professional expertise on how to plan your remodeling that perfectly fits into your budget.

The services of basement remodeling companies include building a frame, electrical fittings, plumbing for the bathroom, then the bathroom construction( excluding fixtures and Tiles), then the sheetrock culminating in painting with lively colors.

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Basement Remodeling Company in Atlanta

While simple storage space is always a possibility, the versatility for basements is nearly unlimited. A bedroom or two, with or without a bathroom, is an easy pick, but some people want to have an office. Many individuals focus on entertainment spaces, such as a playroom, games area, gym or spa, or all-around amusement area for music, movies, and so on. The project cost depends on multiple factors like the facilities added, waterproofing, the location, carpeting, the materials used in the construction, and the potential space utilization. An unfinished basement will be more pocket friendly than a constructed one, as it will save cost on demolition.

Sometimes, there are other unanticipated factors at play that affect the pricing like time, and how fast you want the job to be done. If you don’t have any restrictions related to the completion timeframe, the project will cost you a little cheaper as compared to projects demanding quick disposal. Another one is Permit. There may be some requirements to add electric or plumbing work in the process. Such alteration may neglect to pursue a permit and become a new cause of concern at the time of resale.

Moreover, remodeling an unfinished basement is also a divine idea as you have endless design options to choose from to build your dream bedroom, entertainment area, kids’ play area, and so on. You can use the best of your creativity to give your personal touch to the room.

Give us a call to discuss your proposal, whether you want to build a brand new basement from the start or transform an existing old basement or underground space into a lovely usable area. We are the most trusted name in the industry of basement remodeling and adopt a professional and organized approach to completing the task of basement remodeling. Schedule a doorstep consultation visit right now!.



We also offer a full selection of quartz, granite, marble, solid surface and wood. Our granite and quartz are sourced from the best manufacturers in the United States. We've a wide variety of products to visit our showrooms to discuss the different options available.

Remodel Republic is a well-established kitchen surfaces supplier in Atlanta, offering high quality granite and quartz countertops as well as other natural stone products throughout the Georgia.


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Our skilled fabricators produce kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, fireplace mantles, hearths, and surrounds. Our offers a wide range of stone products in many different colors and we are always happy to provide guidance and assistance to all clients. Our team members are not only passionate about the materials we work with but are also highly skilled and well equipped to deal with any requirements you may have.


Glass backsplashes are very easy to clean, do not get stained and are available in a stunning range of colors! If you are planning to install new Glass Backsplashes, then please feel free to contact us!
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Our designers are able to assist you in giving your home fresh and personal touches suiting your budget and your lifestyle. Our cupboards are versatile and most domestic storage applications.
Stainless steel drop-in sinks as well as sophisticated stainless steel or “Stonebuilt” food preparation centers are on display in all our show- rooms, as are all types of mixers used in a kitchen.
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Leading brands of freestanding or fully-integrated kitchen appliances and chimney extractors such as Dacor, Sub Zero, Bosch, Samsung and Whirl- pool are supplied and installed by us. We are able to advise you on their features and to recommend the right appliance for the style of your kitchen.
We're not your average remodeling company! Being average is not part of our business, nor do we deliver an average service. We are different! Because we understand the fears and frustrations when the installation step is cummings plumbing step, asking if our team member is experienced, well definitely YES!In our installation team, each step take care of with professionals. We have fully qualified, experienced plumbers to assist you, fast. We’ll make straightforward renew, remove straight away or locate the problem and lock down your costs immediately
Electrical design and installation for a kitchen remodel or upgrade can not only improve the quality of everyday usage, but it can also raise your home’s resale value. When you start to make remodeling plans, one aspect that you are going to come across in almost every project is electrical work. You will find it beneficial to hire an experienced electrician, who can help you plan and suggest other improvements.
We are providing professional electricians whom can rely on for all your electrical service needs for our remodeling projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is $ 30000 enough for a basement remodel?

Yes, if you want your basement remodel to be minimalist and super simple, we are the best choice for you. We are specialist at providing impressive quality work at modest budget by working a bit extra to deliver you the best job. We have brilliant ideas for re-working your basement space, refurbing your discarded furniture with a modern look and saving money.

Is it worth finishing the basement?

Definitely yes, finishing your basement is always considered a prudent investment. Contrary to popular belief, the average return on investment can reach 70%. Finishing your basement pushes your selling cost upside and adds to the overall market value of your property. Apart from boosting your re-sale value, it gives you tons of value in terms of extra space.

What do you put in a finished basement?

If you are planning to finish the most unsung part of your home, your basement, we would suggest you some exciting ways to utilize the space. You can set up a home bar, or a kid’s play area, home gym, or may be a Theatre room. You may dedicate this space for a single use or make it multi-functional to appeal to the whole family.

What is the time frame for finishing a basement?

The length of time needed to finish a basement will vary depending on its size and complexity, just like it would with any significant job. However, from beginning to end, finishing a basement often takes two to three months.

I want to rebuild my basement, but do I need a permit?

For building or remodeling work, municipalities require a permit, and permit charges vary by city and project size. Our project pricing includes the cost of obtaining permission for your work.

What are the most recent trends in redesigning basement?

Cabinets that are white or light in color seem to be fashionable. The current fad appears to be keeping kitchens “light and cheerful.” A sizable vent hood, along with a pot filler, should be installed above your cooktop to complete the look. Successful basement of today appear to have a focal point. What about you?

Let’s Design Together

At Remodel Republic, our professional team of professionals adhere to a holistic design philosophy. We oversee every single aspect of the project and also make sure that our customers remain closely involved and updated with the status.
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