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Kitchen RemodelingThis Season Give Your Kitchen a Transitional Look!

July 13, 2018by Remodel Republic

If you are one of those who’ve been thinking about remodeling or redesigning your kitchen, you’ve definitely come across the term ‘transitional’. Transitional designs are neither traditional nor modern styles but are something in between. Transitional designs bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary by borrowing the best from each aesthetic. What results is a warm, welcoming, and unfussy environment. If you’ve been planning to go for delightful kitchens and baths, here are some of the transitional styles to have a look at. Let’s delve deeper:

A Blend of Natural and Manufactured Materials: A transitional kitchen often features wood, glass, steel, stone, and marble in the same space. In fact, you can see concrete floors, wooden cabinets, marble and stainless steel all working together and creating a harmonious whole. This not only maintains a sense of warmth but also increases the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

Addition of Texture: Though transitional kitchens have light and subdued colors but this doesn’t in any way mean that transitional kitchens are boring. There are often a lot of experiments done with the texture of the kitchen to provide a delightful look. Ranging from polished tiles to rough stones, these increase the visual interest in both kitchens and bathrooms.

Innovative Cabinetry: In transitional kitchens, cabinets are often kept low profile. There is not much intricate carving or elaborate hardware. Mostly, wooden cabinets are used as opposed to lacquer or glass cabinets. This, in turn, ensures that there is a transitional look of the kitchen. Moreover, most design remodel services offer clean lines and natural material to provide an inviting and exceptional look to the kitchen.

Light Palette: A pop of color in modern kitchens is definitely welcome. However, in transitional kitchen designs usually neutral colors of varying shades are used. This provides a timeless and sophisticated look to the kitchen. For instance, different tones of brown are used for cabinetry, furnishings, and walls.

Blend of Traditional and Modern: A transitional kitchen borrows designs from the past and uniquely combines it with contemporary which, in turn, offers a fresh look. It offers a kitchen design that is an extension of your personality and how you live.

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